17-22 March 2019
Institut Laue Langevin
Europe/Paris timezone



for the ADD2019 School and Conference

Book of ADD2019 Abstracts here.

We'll update the programme and the presentations as as the speakers will give us the .pdf version of their talks. Now you still have the 2016 version of the corresponding talks.

Sunday 17 March 2019



Beginning of Registration for the School

18:00 - 21:00    Welcome buffet dinner at the ESRF's Chalet

Monday 18 March 2019


8:00     Registration continues for the School
      Chairperson ADD organizer
8:30     Mark Johnson Welcome (school)
8:45     ADD organizer Introduction and Information
9:00 S01   Phil Salmon PLENARY: Structure of Liquid and Amorphous Materials
10:00     Coffee break  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
10:30 S02   Simon Billinge PLENARY: Recent and future developments in PDF-land
11:30 S03   Reinhard Neder PLENARY: Single-Crystal Diffuse scattering
12:30     Lunch at canteen  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
14:00 S04   Emil Bozin PDFgui – a small box modelling platform for nanoscale structure analysis
14:45 S05   Pavol Juhas DiffPy-CMI - a software toolbox for real-space structure analysis and Complex Modeling
15:30     Coffee break  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
16:00 S06   Tucker / Playford RMCProfile: Local structure of crystalline to amorphous materials
16:45 S07   Bowron / Youngs Empirical Potential Structure Refinement (EPSR): A method for structural modelling of liquids, glasses and complex nanoscale systems
17:30 S08   Joseph Paddison Spinvert: Magnetic structure refinement for paramagnets
18:15     ADD organizer Organizational information
19:00     Dinner at ESRF/ILL canteen

Tuesday 19 March 2019


8:30     School Registration still possible during the morning, outside the amphitheatre
      Chairperson ADD organizer
9:00 S09   Reinhard Neder DISCUS: Simulation and refinement of disordered crystal structures
9:45 S10   Arkadiy Simonov 3D-ΔPDF: Pair distribution function analysis for single crystals.
10:30     Coffee break  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
11:00 S11   Brunelli/Vaughan XRD experimental procedure and data reduction
11:25 S12   Fischer/Cuello/ISIS ND experimental procedure and data reduction
11:50 S13   R. Neder/et al. SCD experimental procedure and data reduction
12:15 S14   Gwilherm Nénert Correction of XRD data from a table-top x-ray source
12:30     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen
14:00       Parallel hands-on tutorials
16:00     Coffee break
16:30       Parallel hands-on tutorials
18:00                                 (free time)
19:00     Dinner at ESRF/ILL canteen

Wednesday 20 March 2019

(School in the morning, Conference in the afternoon)

8:30       Parallel hands-on sessions tutorials
10:30     Coffee break and beginning of Registration for the Conference
11:00       Parallel hands-on sessions tutorials
12:30     Lunch at canteen  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
14:15     Harald Reichert Welcome (conference) Group photo
14:30     ADD organizer Introduction and Information
14:45 I01   Werner Paulus INVITED:  Short and long-range structural correlations in non-stoichiometric transition metal oxides, explored by in situ single crystal diffraction
15:30     Coffee break
      Chairperson ADD organizer
16:00 I02   Joseph Paddison INVITED:  Understanding spin liquids at the nanoscale
16:45 O01   Philip Welch Magnetic diffuse scattering in the Gd-pyrochlore antiferromagnet - Gd2Pt2O7
17:10 O02   Nikolaj Roth Model-free analysis of structural and magnetic disorder in single-crystals
17:35 O03   Ella Mara Schmidt The interpretation of broad diffuse maxima using superspace crystallography
18:00     Poster session - Wine and Cheese buffet at the ILL

Thursday 21 March 2019


      Chairperson ADD organizer
8:30 I03   James Drewitt INVITED:  Structure of glass-forming aluminate liquids under extreme conditions by neutron diffraction with isotope substitution
9:15 O04   Stefano Checchia Highly polymerized carbonate glass at ultrahigh pressure: insights into the structure of carbonatitic melts at extreme conditions
9:40 O05   Gaston Garbarino Structure of low Z liquids under extreme conditions using X rays: from dream to reality
10:05 O06   Anne Stunault D3 at the ILL: structural studies of hydrogenous liquid and amorphous systems using polarised neutrons
10:30     Coffee break
      Chairperson ADD organizer
10:55 I04   Pierre Bordet INVITED:  X-ray PDF investigations of complex metal-organic materials.
11:40 O07   Emil Bozin Phase separation at the dimer-superconductor transition in Ir1−xRhxTe2
12:05 O08   Jakub Drnec Wide angle x-ray scattering combined with pair distribution function analysis of pyrolyzed wood
12:30     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen
      Chairperson ADD organizer
13:55 I05   Lionel Desgranges INVITED: A renewed approach of UO2 nuclear fuel using PDF analysis
14:40 O09   Ben Frandsen Nanoscale degeneracy lifting in triangular antiferromagnets studied by combined PDF + mPDF
15:05 O10   Navid Qureshi Magnetic frustration in SrLn2O4 compounds studied via mPDF-analysis
15:30     Coffee break
      Chairperson ADD organizer
16:00 I06   Anita Zeidler INVITED:  The structure of water
16:45 O11   Sabrina Thomä Solvent restructuring around iron oxide nanoparticles
17:10 O12   Harry Geddes Quantitative Analysis of Complex Materials Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation of PDF Data
17:35     Poster session  
19:00     Bus to restaurant
19:30     Conference dinner, Restaurant "La Corne d'Or"

Friday 22 March 2019


      Chairperson ADD organizer
8:55 I07   David Wragg INVITED:  PDF Analysis of Batteries Using Diffraction Computed Tomography
9:40 O13   Ann-Christin Dippel Grazing incidence PDF for real time studies of thin films
10:05 O14   Olivier Masson Avoiding the Warren, Krutter and Morningstar approximation in PDF analysis
10:30     Coffee break
      Chairperson ADD organizer
11:00 I08   Kirsten Jensen INVITED: New nanostructures from x-ray total scattering and PDF analysis
11:45 O15   Mikkel Juelsholt Mechanisms for tungsten oxide nanoparticle formation in solvothermal synthesis: From polyoxometalates to crystalline materials
12:10 O16   Archana Munirathnappa Average and Local Structure of NaCe(WO4)2 Nanophosphor:  A Structure-Property Correlation
12:35     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen

Robert McGreevy:  To model or not to model – is that the question?  (College 6 seminar in Chadwick amphitheatre) cancelled.

14:00     Final discussion and closing
15:00     Visit of ILL instruments (if permitted by safety authorities)




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