Confirmed speakers

Guillaume Brotons (Le Mans, FR)
Galenic-on-chip, Emulsions along the flow
Annie Brûlet (Saclay, FR)
Vesicular structure of amphiphilic block copolymers studied by SANS
Laura Cantu (Milan, IT)
Making an experiment with Isabelle on complex biosystems
Jérôme Combet (Strasbourg, FR)
Photosensitive polymer - surfactant complexes
Fabrice Cousin (Saclay, FR)
The beauty of contrast variation in SANS for soft matter : playing beyond classical studies in 4-components systems
Viviana Cristiglio (Grenoble, FR)
Monitoring of protein aggregation by levitation techniques on D33
Charles Dewhurst (Grenoble, FR)
The D33 SANS instrument:  Conception, Commissioning and Performance
Olivier Diat (Marcoule, FR)
Ion flotation using a non ionic foaming agent
Peter Dowding (Leeds, UK)
Unlocking the properties and dynamics of commercial oil additives using SANS
Cecile Dreiss (London, UK)
Making and breaking bonds: polymeric micelles, cyclodextrins and drugs
Julian Eastoe (Bristol, UK)
Adventures in surfactant wonderland, with Dr Grillo
Anne-Laure Fameau (Paris, FR)
How to produce responsive aqueous foams based on green surfactants ?
Dirk Honecker (Luxembourg, LU)
Magnetic disorder in ferrite nanoparticles: a neutron view beyond the classical picture
Jacques Jestin (Saclay, FR)
SANS and contrast matching for petroleum systems
Werner Kunz (Regensburg, DE)
Surfactant-free microemulsions - from characterisation to application
Pierre Levitz (Paris, FR)
Structure and stability of ternary system made of water, non-ionic surfactant, and platelet particles: A tribute to Isabelle
Isabelle Morfin (Grenoble, FR)
SANS and SAXS on pluronic and hyaluronic acid mixed with essential oils
Theyencheri Narayanan (Grenoble, FR)
Time-resolved SAS investigations of amphiphilic self-assembly
Julian Oberdisse (Montpellier, FR)
From vesicles to nanocomposites, from Saclay to Grenoble and Montpellier, a scientific journey with Isabelle Grillo
Olivia Pabois (London, UK)
Understanding the interfacial behaviour of bile salts, a key to their role in lipid digestion
Jeff Penfold (Oxford, UK)
Self-assembly in di-alkyl chain surfactants and the role of co-surfactants and additives: impact on product formulation and functionality
Sylvain Prévost

Spontaneous Ouzo emulsions co-exist with pre-Ouzo ultra-flexible microemulsions

Sandra Ristori (Florence, IT)
Engineered lipid-based nanosystems for delivery of bioactive molecules
Sarah Rogers (Didcot, UK)
Tuning Ionic Liquids – a Small-Angle Study
Gregory Smith (Copenaghen, DK)
Deuterated Aerosol OT: A tool for neutron scattering studies of soft matter
Thomas Sottmann (Stuttgart, DE)
The elucidation of microemulsion properties - my scientific journey with Isabelle
Fabienne Testard (Saclay, FR)
Self-assembled nanostructured material : Mechanism of formation
Thomas Zemb (Marcoule, FR)
Mixing liposomes with clays: a frustrating or a succesful route towards extraordinary structures ?


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