The Dissimilar Dyad: Radiation Facility and Industrial Customer. Opportunities and perspectives for creating a successful cooperation


Gerd Datzmann (Datzmann interact and innovate Gmbh)


Radiation hardness assurance procedures nowadays often require tests with high-energetic protons, heavy ions or neutron for simulating the harsh radiation environment close to reality. These particles are generated by nuclear physics facilities – like particle accelerator or research reactors – which are located exclusively at universities or national research institutions. Thus, industry inevitably has to purchase a service from a publicly funded organization. This may potentially lead to “cultural” barriers in collaboration of the dissimilar dyad. On the other hand, such a cooperation is creating an opportunity to foster knowledge and technology transfer from science to industry and back.

An in-depth case study has been performed focusing on the relationship between radiation facility and its customer. The factors influencing this relationship including the mechanisms of interaction have been explored with a set of more than 30 expert interviews with stakeholders from industry, agencies and irradiation facilities. The findings confirm that influencing factors derived from the social capital dimensions play an important role for the success of the relationship. The keynote will address and discuss issues like availability, accessibility, offering and demand, policy of the facility, motivation and mutual trust. On the basis of the acquired and distilled information, recommendations will be presented enabling and fostering successful cooperation. A set of best practices are highlighted that support facilities who intend to start a service provision in this field with the aim of creating win-win situations for both sides.

Primary author

Gerd Datzmann (Datzmann interact and innovate Gmbh)

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