17-22 March 2019
Institut Laue Langevin
Europe/Paris timezone

Tutorials information

Information concerning

the hands-on tutorials


At the time of registration, you will be asked to select two of the following hands-on tutorials.

The ADD organizers will then schedule one of your tutorials for Tuesday afternoon and the other for Wednesday morning.


Please try your best to decide which two tutorials you want, based on the information below,

and to download+install the software on your laptop before ADD2019 begins


Descriptive information, as well as download+installation instructions, can be found at:



software description download site comments

more information on PDFgui here

New: 2019 PDFgui tutorials here

click-here for Linux, Mac, PC/windows
DiffPy-CMI more information here click-here  
RMCProfile more information on RMCProfile here click-here for Linux, Mac, PC/windows
EPSR more information on EPSR here click-here for Linux, Mac, PC/Windows

more information on DISCUS here

click-here PC/windows recommended
Yell more information on Yell here click-here only Mac and PC/windows supported
Spinvert more information on Spinvert here click-here runs on all platforms


If you have trouble downloading or installing the software, try first to contact directly

the software authors before contacting the ADD2019 organisers.  Thank you.

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