InnovaXN Innovation and Entrepreneurship School

EPN Campus

EPN Campus

71 Avenue des Martyrs 38000 Grenoble France

An InnovaXN Autumn School for 2022

“Science-Driven Innovation and Entrepreneurship”


Research using advanced infrastructures, such as the ESRF and ILL, supports the applied foundations for useful innovative technologies which will in turn help to determine the future path of humankind and the security of our planet Earth. Transferring results and working closely with industry, developing or drastically improving new products and processes, is central to enabling the real-world value of these scientific results to be realised.

This four-day autumn school will provide the participating PhD students with insights into the range of tools to promote and transfer their research towards industry and other routes for impact, and to help to catalyse the mind-set required for long-term sustainability.

Learning objectives

This course will provide real world, experience-based learning on the tools available and what it’s like to engage and work with industry, to create and develop a new venture or to exploit scientific results and ideas, with both the risks and rewards.

The main objective is to allow you to understand the earliest phases of moving results from science to innovation and real-world application, and thinking “entrepreneur”. The school will confront students with the dichotomy of the academic and industrial worlds, finding their overlap and how to engage and take science from the bench to creating “value” and what that value might mean in the modern world of societal challenges and reinvented industry. Additionally, some lectures are dedicated to open views on connected subjects related to science, technology and society, in the context of climate change and a rapid evolving world.

Approaches are expected to be lectures from professionals or teachers and serious games.

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