Apr 3 – 5, 2019
Europe/Bucharest timezone

Organising committee : Constantin Mihai (IFIN-HH), Caterina Michelagnoli (ILL)

IFIN-HH | ILL collaboration workshop:
recent results and perspectives at FIPPS

Many thanks to all for the success of this 1st edition!

The first IFIN-HH | ILL collaboration workshop will be dedicated to the structure of nuclei produced in slow-neutron induced reactions during the first FIPPS experimental campaigns.

FIPPS (Fission-Product-Prompt-gamma-ray-Spectrometer) is a new instrument of the ILL consisting of a pencil-like intense thermal neutron beam and an array of HPGe clovers, with the possibility to host ancillary detectors. The instrument has been operational since end 2016 with stable (rare) targets. The granularity and efficiency of the array has been recently improved by the addition of 8 IFIN-HH HPGe clovers. Such a setup has been used, in particular, for the study of the structure of neutron rich fission fragments.

The status of data analysis, first physics results and future perspectives at the FIPPS-IFIN-HH setup (using stable (rare) as well as radioactive targets) will be presented during the workshop.

Travel and accommodation support is possible for speakers (see registration form).

Please note that this event follows

Research | Education | Application Days 2019

Information and (free) registration on https://www.ill.eu/read2019

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Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH) Strada Reactorului 30, Măgurele, Romania
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