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from Wednesday, 11 December 2019 (08:00) to Friday, 13 December 2019 (13:20)
ILL4 (Chadwick Amphitheatre)

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11 Dec 2019
12 Dec 2019
13 Dec 2019
10:00 --- Registration ---
Session C (until 10:40) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
09:00 Shedding light into membrane receptor functioning and lipid interactions by plasmon waveguide resonance - Isabel Alves   ()
09:30 Probing the internal structure of nanoparticles for mRNA delivery - Aleksandra Dabkowska (Advanced Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical Sciences, R&D, AstraZeneca, Gothenburg, Sweden )   (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
10:00 DNA-tagged lipid bilayers: novel nano-scaled membrane-mimetic systems - Karim Fahmy (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   ()
10:20 A multi-technique approach for the characterization of the self-assembling of cyclic peptides into nanotubes at biological model membranes - Barbara Claro (CIQ-UP Dep. Chemistry & Biochemistry, FCUP, Porto, Portugal)   ()
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Session D (until 12:30) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
11:00 The rich phenomenology of glycolipids and membrane-anchored polysaccharides - Insights from scattering techniques and complementary computer simulations - Emanuel Schneck (TU Darmstadt)   ()
11:30 Using suspended bilayers as a novel bacterial membrane mimetic for investigating mechanosensitive ion channels with neutron reflectivity - Simon Titmuss (University of Edinburgh)   ()
11:50 Mucin thin layers on top of model membranes as a model environment for mucosal delivery - Valeria Rondelli (Università degli Studi di Milano)   ()
12:10 Oxidation of saturated and unsaturated bilayers by reactive oxygen species - Martin King (Royal Holloway University of London, UK)   ()
Session G (until 10:40) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
09:00 Contribution of galactoglycerolipids to the three-dimensional architecture of thylakoids - Juliette Jouhet (Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire et Végétale)   ()
09:30 Lateral organization in bacterial cells and model membranes. - Jonathan Nickels (University of Cincinnati)   ()
10:00 Apolar lipids, the membrane adaptation toolbox of extremophiles - Marta Salvador Castell (INSA Lyon)   ()
10:20 Effects of alcohol addition on a fatty acid membrane - Loreto Misuraca (ILL)   ()
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Session H (until 12:30) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
11:00 pH-induced rearrangements in lipid bilayer causing in drug release from pH-sensitive liposomes - Olga Zaborova (Lomonosov Moscow State University)   ()
11:20 Role of membrane sphingolipids in the interaction with amyloid beta-peptide - Rita Carrotta (CNR, Istituto di Biofisica)   ()
11:40 Adsorption and interactions of polymer stabilised lipid nanodiscs with a bilayer at the solid-liquid interfaces - Thomas Arnold (ESS)   ()
12:00 Dynamic polymer-based nanodiscs for membrane biophysics - Sandro Keller (Molecular Biophysics, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK))   ()
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Opening address (until 14:00) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
Session A (until 15:40) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
14:00 Metabolic incorporation of deuterium into nerve myelin - Daniel A. Kirschner (Boston College)   ()
14:30 Interactions in the pre-AD mimicking model membranes - Norbert Kucerka (Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia and Department of Physical Chemistry of Drugs, Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia )   (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
15:00 Lipid domain modulation and inhalation anesthesia - David Worcester (NIST Center for Neutron Research)   ()
15:20 Influence of galactoglycerolipids on the chloroplast envelope outer membrane architecture and its adaptation to phosphate deprivation in plants - Stéphanie Bolik (Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire et Végétale (CEA/CNRS/INRA/UGA)/ILL)   ()
15:40 --- Coffee break & Registration ---
Session B (until 18:00) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
16:20 Linking membrane structure and dynamics: insights from neutron scattering - Elizabeth Kelley (National Institute of Standards and Technology)   ()
16:50 Curved lipid interfaces studied with GISANS - Karolina Mothander (Physical Chemistry, Lund University)   ()
17:10 Partitioning of DNA nanochannel between Lo/Ld phases in a lipid membrane: Relevance of lipid anchors - Ahmed Sayed (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany)   ()
17:30 The lipid organisation in skin: an integrated approach of lipid model systems and clinical studies - Charlotte Beddoes   ()
Wine & cheese poster session (until 21:00) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
18:00 Comparing molecular dynamics force fields in bacteria membranemModels - Antonio Peón (CIQ-UP − Centro de Investigação em Química, Departamento de Química e Bioquímica, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto, 4169-007 Porto, Portugal.)   ()
18:15 Understanding the interactions between the intrinsically disordered peptide Histatin 5 and lipid bilayers, the effect of amino acid sequence and electrostatic interactions - Amanda Eriksson Skog   ()
18:16 Interaction of DDAO surfactant with model membrane - liposome-micelle transition - Jana Gallova (Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava)   ()
18:32 Understanding the interfacial structure of pulmonary surfactant films by neutron reflectometry - Ainhoa Collada Marugán   ()
18:33 Quaternized chitosan oriented surfactant self-assembly complexes - Bin Dai (Technische Universität Berlin, Fakultät II, Institut für Chemie, Stranski-Laboratorium für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie)   ()
18:34 How soap dissolves micelles: solubilisation kinetics of mixtures between anionic surfactants and block copolymer micelles - Synne Synne Myhre (Chemistry Department University of Oslo)   ()
18:35 Molecular dynamics simulations with cationic lipids - Inna Ermilova (Chalmers University of Technology)   ()
18:36 Interaction between human dihydroorotate dehydrogenase and coenzyme Q10 in model lipid bilayers - Juan Manuel Orozco Rodriguez (Lund University)   ()
18:37 How to use lipid models to instruct the design of antimicrobial peptides - Lu Jian (Supervisor)   ()
18:38 Purification and characterization of perdeuterated lipid mixtures for building biomimetic membranes - Giacomo Corucci (ILL)   ()
18:39 Interaction between tethered bilayer membranes and misfolded proteins - Rima Budvytyte ( Life Sciences Center, University of Vilnius)   ()
18:55 Location of the general anesthetic n-decane in model membranes - Pavol Hrubovcak (Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna)   ()
19:10 A model of tethered lipid bilayers using anchor-harpoon surfactants on designed electrodes - Ophelie Squillace   ()
19:25 Effect of oxidised lipids on bilayer structure and deposition - Emil Gustafsson (Uppsala University)   ()
19:40 Stability of supported lipid bilayers in high adhesive regime - Pierluigi Bilotto (Vienna University of Technology)   ()
19:45 Active fluctuations in model membranes - Tetiana Mukhina (ILL)   ()
19:45 Advances in purification of perdeuterated lipid mixtures for building biomimetic membranes - Giovanna Fragneto (Institut laue-langevin)   ()
19:45 Aescin-induced conversion of gel-phase lipid membranes into bicelle-like lipid nanoparticles - Ramsia Geisler (TU Darmstadt)   ()
19:45 Calixarene "flowers" blossoming captured with cryoTEM imaging - Nadia Lengweiler (Opara) (C-CINA, Biozentrum, University of Basel)   ()
19:45 Functionalized membrane domains: an ancestral feature of Archaea - Maxime Tourte (Microbiology, Adaptation and Pathogeny Lab CNRS UMR5240 Université de Lyon)   ()
19:45 Interaction of cellulose nanocrystals with lipid bilayers - Yotam Navon (Cermav, UGA, BGU)   ()
19:45 Interactions of model membranes with surfactants and antimicrobial peptides studied by small-angle neutron diffraction. - Katarína Želinská (ILL, Grenoble, France & Department of physical chemistry of drugs, Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia)   ()
19:45 Interdomain flexibility within NADPH oxidase revealed by SANS using LMNG stealth-carrier - Christine Ebel (IBS)   ()
19:45 Metallacarboranes as non-amphiphilic detergents for lipid membrane solubilization - Pierre Bauduin (ICSM CEA)   ()
19:45 Nanomechanical properties of synthetic and natural lipid bilayers through Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM): from Supported Lipid Bilayers (SLBs) to vesicles - Andrea Ridolfi (Università degli Studi di Firenze)   ()
19:45 Nanoscale lipid models to study membrane proteins - Madhumalar Subramanian   ()
19:45 NhaA protein incorporation in tethered lipid bilayer membranes studied by neutron reflectometry and impedance spectroscopy - Sebastian Koehler (ILL)   ()
19:45 Structural and functional characterization of a complex involved in lipid transport to mitochondria during plant adaptation to phosphate starvation - Sébastien Leterme (Laboratoire Physiologie Cellulaire & Végétale)   ()
19:45 Transmigration of non-ionic synthetic polymers through lipid membranes - Ekaterina Kostyurina   ()
19:45 Understanding properties of bilayers from a study of solid surfactants - Jeremy K Cockcroft (University College London)   ()
19:59 A neutron reflectometry approach to investigate factors regulating the substrate specificity of the mitochondrial phospholipase - iPLA2-gamma - Giacomo Corucci (ILL)   (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
19:59 AMP monomers or aggregates - Which is more effective on antimicrobial: an insight from coarse-grained simulations and experiments - Mingrui Liao   ()
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Session E (until 16:00) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
14:00 Investigation of membrane and proteins short wavelength collective dynamics from MD simulations. Connection to scattering techniques - Mounir Tarek   ()
14:40 Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations of antimicrobial peptides against membrane models - Gideon Tolufashe (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, R. Campo alegre, 687, P4169-007 Porto, Portugal)   ()
15:00 Coupling of leaflet structure in asymmetric lipid vesicles - Moritz Paul Karl Frewein (Institut Laue - Langevin and University of Graz, Graz, Austria)   ()
15:20 Asymmetric membranes and the study of lipid movement across single lipid bilayers - Ursula Perez-Salas (University of Illinois in Chigaco)   ()
15:40 Lipid sponge-phase nanoparticles as enzyme carriers - structure and intermolecular interaction controlling the enzyme encapsulation - Tommy Nylander (Physical Chemistry, Department Chemistry, Lund University, Lund, Sweden)   ()
16:00 --- Coffee break ---
Session F (until 18:00) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
16:30 Drug delivery of antimicrobial peptides to lipid bilayers - Kathryn Browning (University of Copenhagen)   ()
17:00 Elucidating the mode of action of antimicrobial peptides using small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering techniques: the lipids point of view - Reidar Lund (Department of Chemistry, Unversity of Oslo)   ()
17:20 Lipoproteins at model cell membranes, and the transport of fats - Marité Cárdenas (Malmö University)   ()
17:40 Structural changes of pulmonary surfactant induced by bacterial lipopolysaccharide and by Polymyxin B - Daniela Uhrikova (Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava, Odbojarov 10, 832 32 Bratislava, Slovakia)   ()
Round Table (until 18:30) (Chadwick Amphitheatre)
19:30 --- Workshop dinner ---
12:30 --- Closing address ---
12:40 --- Lunch ---
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