Mar 17 – 22, 2019
Institut Laue Langevin
Europe/Paris timezone



for the ADD2019 School and Conference

Book of ADD2019 Abstracts here.

Last updated: Monday 01/04/2019.

Sunday 17 March 2019



Beginning of Registration for the School

18:00 - 21:00    Welcome buffet dinner at the ESRF's Chalet

Monday 18 March 2019


8:00     Registration continues for the School
      Chairperson ADD organizer
8:30     Mark Johnson Welcome (school)
8:45     ADD organizer Introduction and Information
9:00 S01   Phil Salmon PLENARY: Structure of Liquid and Amorphous Materials
10:00     Coffee break  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
10:30 S02   Simon Billinge PLENARY: Recent and future developments in PDF-land
11:30 S03   Reinhard Neder PLENARY: Single-Crystal Diffuse scattering
12:30     Lunch at canteen  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
14:00 S04   Emil Bozin PDFgui – a small box modelling platform for nanoscale structure analysis
14:45 S05   Pavol Juhas DiffPy-CMI - a software toolbox for real-space structure analysis and Complex Modeling
15:30     Coffee break  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
16:00 S06   Tucker / Playford RMCProfile: Local structure of crystalline to amorphous materials
16:45 S07   Bowron / Youngs Empirical Potential Structure Refinement (EPSR): A method for structural modelling of liquids, glasses and complex nanoscale systems
17:30 S08   Joseph Paddison Spinvert: Magnetic structure refinement for paramagnets
18:15     ADD organizer Organizational information
19:00     Dinner at ESRF/ILL canteen

Tuesday 19 March 2019


8:30     School Registration still possible during the morning, outside the amphitheatre
      Chairperson ADD organizer
9:00 S09   Reinhard Neder DISCUS: Simulation and refinement of disordered crystal structures
9:45 S10   Arkadiy Simonov 3D-ΔPDF: Pair distribution function analysis for single crystals.
10:30     Coffee break  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
11:00 S11   Gavin Vaughan XRD experimental procedure and data reduction
11:25 S12   Gabriel Cuello ND experimental procedure and data reduction
11:50 S13   Reinhard Neder SCD experimental procedure and data reduction
12:15 S14   Gwilherm Nénert Correction of XRD data from a table-top x-ray source
12:30     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen
14:00       Parallel hands-on tutorials
16:00     Coffee break
16:30       Parallel hands-on tutorials
18:00                                 (free time)
19:00     Dinner at ESRF/ILL canteen

Wednesday 20 March 2019

(School in the morning, Conference in the afternoon)

8:30       Parallel hands-on sessions tutorials
10:30     Coffee break and beginning of Registration for the Conference
11:00       Parallel hands-on sessions tutorials
12:30     Lunch at canteen  
      Chairperson ADD organizer
14:15     Harald Reichert Welcome (conference) Group photo
14:30     ADD organizer Introduction and Information
14:45 I01   Werner Paulus INVITED:  Short and long-range structural correlations in non-stoichiometric transition metal oxides, explored by in situ single crystal diffraction
15:30     Coffee break
      Chairperson ADD organizer
16:00 I02   Joseph Paddison INVITED:  Understanding spin liquids at the nanoscale
16:45 O01   Philip Welch Magnetic diffuse scattering in the Gd-pyrochlore antiferromagnet - Gd2Pt2O7
17:10 O02   Nikolaj Roth Model-free analysis of structural and magnetic disorder in single-crystals
17:35 O03   Ella Mara Schmidt The interpretation of broad diffuse maxima using superspace crystallography
18:00     Poster session - Wine and Cheese buffet at the ILL

Thursday 21 March 2019


      Chairperson ADD organizer
8:30 I03   James Drewitt INVITED:  Structure of glass-forming aluminate liquids under extreme conditions by neutron diffraction with isotope substitution
9:15 O04   Stefano Checchia Highly polymerized carbonate glass at ultrahigh pressure: insights into the structure of carbonatitic melts at extreme conditions
9:40 O05   Gaston Garbarino Structure of low Z liquids under extreme conditions using X rays: from dream to reality
10:05 O06   Anne Stunault D3 at the ILL: structural studies of hydrogenous liquid and amorphous systems using polarised neutrons
10:30     Coffee break
      Chairperson ADD organizer
10:55 I04   Pierre Bordet INVITED:  X-ray PDF investigations of complex metal-organic materials.
11:40 O07   Emil Bozin Phase separation at the dimer-superconductor transition in Ir1−xRhxTe2
12:05 O08   Jakub Drnec Wide angle x-ray scattering combined with pair distribution function analysis of pyrolyzed wood
12:30     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen
      Chairperson ADD organizer
13:55 I05   Lionel Desgranges INVITED: A renewed approach of UO2 nuclear fuel using PDF analysis
14:40 O09   Ben Frandsen Nanoscale degeneracy lifting in triangular antiferromagnets studied by combined PDF + mPDF
15:05 O10   Navid Qureshi Magnetic frustration in SrLn2O4 compounds studied via mPDF-analysis
15:30     Coffee break
      Chairperson ADD organizer
16:00 I06   Anita Zeidler INVITED:  The structure of water
16:45 O11   Sabrina Thomä Solvent restructuring around iron oxide nanoparticles
17:10 O12   Harry Geddes Quantitative Analysis of Complex Materials Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation of PDF Data
17:35     Poster session  
19:00     Bus to restaurant
19:30     Conference dinner, Restaurant "La Corne d'Or"

Friday 22 March 2019


      Chairperson ADD organizer
8:55 I07   David Wragg INVITED:  PDF Analysis of Batteries Using Diffraction Computed Tomography
9:40 O13   Ann-Christin Dippel Grazing incidence PDF for real time studies of thin films
10:05 O14   Olivier Masson Avoiding the Warren, Krutter and Morningstar approximation in PDF analysis
10:30     Coffee break
      Chairperson ADD organizer
11:00 I08   Kirsten Jensen INVITED: New nanostructures from x-ray total scattering and PDF analysis
11:45 O15   Mikkel Juelsholt Mechanisms for tungsten oxide nanoparticle formation in solvothermal synthesis: From polyoxometalates to crystalline materials
12:10 O16   Archana Munirathnappa Average and Local Structure of NaCe(WO4)2 Nanophosphor:  A Structure-Property Correlation
12:35     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen

Robert McGreevy:  To model or not to model – is that the question?  (College 6 seminar in Chadwick amphitheatre) cancelled.

14:00     Final discussion and closing
15:00     Visit of ILL instruments (if permitted by safety authorities)