Philippe Nozières, who sadly passed away last summer,  was recognized by his peers as a giant in the theory of many-body phenomena in physics. He  spent most of his scientific career in Grenoble, in particular at the ILL, which he joined in 1972. There he led a very active and highly regarded theory group. After his appointment to the chair of statistical physics at  the Collège de France in Paris in 1984, Philippe Nozières kept the  ILL and Grenoble as the base of  his research activities, as head of the ILL Theory Group until his retirement in 2000. He then remained active for more than two decades as a scientific visitor at ILL. During the half-century Philippe Nozières spent at ILL, he  attracted to the ILL some of the world's finest  theoretical physicists, and his deep and insightful ideas have inspired generations of physicists.

Philippe Nozières' outstanding contributions to theoretical physics earned him numerous prestigious awards, among which the Wolf Prize in Physics (1985), and the  Gold Medal of the CNRS (1988). He was elected to the Académie des Sciences (1981) and to the US National Academy of Sciences (1991).

With the Symposium in Honor of Philippe Nozières (19-20 October, 2023), the ILL intends to pay a well-deserved tribute to his outstanding contributions to physics and to the scientific life of the ILL. The symposium will cover some of  the many fields of physics to which Philippe  contributed, featuring  prominent invited speakers with whom he was in close scientific contact.

Click here for a link to Philippe's "carnet noir" with access to two videos on Philippe "Honoris causa - Toronto en 2004" and "Griffin fest - 2011"