This PSB Spotlight will comprise of half a day of lectures (in the IBS seminar room) on the different neutron techniques available at the Institut Laue-Langevin which are useful for biology. Lectures will cover small-angle scattering (SANS), reflectometry, crystallography, inelastic scattering, and deuteration. A special focus will be on the complementary information that neutrons provide with respect to other techniques, including X-rays, Cryo-EM and NMR, as well as on the practical requirements on the sample state for the different neutron techniques.


A guided tour of the instruments and laboratories will be organized in the afternoon for a limited number of participants (maximum 40). 

For the visit of the neutron guide halls, it is mandatory to register and provide the requested personal data via the registration form by May 17th. Requests after that date cannot be accepted. 

Registration Procedure : 

1) Participants who do NOT already have access to EPN campus OR who have access BUT who want to participate to the guide hall visits need to provide their data (including passport etc) using our registration page on this website.


(You may need to create an Indico account if you don't already have one)

2) Participants who already have access to EPN and who do not want to participate in the guide hall visits can simply enter their name online at the following GOOGLE DOC (click through to link)


Organising Committee : Frank Gabel, Florent Bernaudat, Emily Ryan

Registration for this event is currently open.