May 18, 2020
Europe/Paris timezone

Inauguration of the Joint Research Unit NI-Matters (Neutron Imaging for the Mechanics of MATerials and Energy Research)

You are cordially invited to attend this inauguration event which will be celebrated with a series of technical and scientific talks, illustrating the context and potential of the NI-Matters Joint Research Unit.

NI-Matters is a partnership between UGA, ILL, and HZB. The unit aims at using the unique features of neutron imaging together with the highly complementary x-ray imaging, taking advantage of the world-leading facility NeXT, to:

  • broaden the range of processes that can be investigated on the NeXT instrument
  • expand accessible spatial and temporal scales, as well as contrast mechanisms, to allow the study of new processes with neutron and x-ray imaging
  • provide unique data sets for informing and developing new multi-scale analytical and numerical models
  • enrich the user programme based on these developments

Our vision is to foster the advancement of neutron imaging techniques for solving scientific problems of exceptional societal impact concerning several major challenges, ranging from the development of efficient, renewable energy sources and storage systems, to the optimization of additive manufacturing material processes, and the understanding of coupled thermo-chemo-hydro-mechanical processes to high-temperature superconductivity.

ILL and UGA will actively innovate and develop neutron imaging methods with excellent spatial and temporal resolution providing complex 4D information, complementary systems for dual mode imaging using neutrons and x-rays, systems for in-operando studies (e.g., of energy-related materials and systems, geological and biological processes) and innovative algorithms for 3D data analysis of dynamic in-situ studies. HZB will contribute by transferring know-how and further developing techniques for energy/battery-related materials.

The Unit aims at combining a distinctive large-scale research infrastructure with an equally unique panel of expertise in the respective field.

ILL4 - Amphi Chadwick
71 avenue des Martyrs CS 20156 38042 GRENOBLE Cedex 9