Co-60 total dose testing – Old and new challenges


Jochen Kuhnhenn (Fraunhofer INT)


TID testing is fundamental for nearly all components or systems that operate in radiation environments. Successful TID testing is based on the combination of suitability of the test approach, selection of facility, understanding of radiation effects and test procedure and sophisticated analysis of the results. While much of that seems well established for typical scenarios, new approaches, e.g. with implementation of COTS, demand more flexibility from users, facilities, and operators. This presentation will give an overview of typical and not so typical ways to perform TID testing at Co-60 facilities. Also test methods besides Co-60 gamma will be mentioned. Challenges and problems to be avoided will be discussed. Finally a subjective outlook to future developments will be given.

Primary author

Jochen Kuhnhenn (Fraunhofer INT)

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