Mar 15 – 18, 2020
Asia/Jerusalem timezone

Organising Committee

Prof. Dganit Danino
Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering

Field of scientific expertise:
Soft matter self-assembly, CryoEM, structure-function of macromolecules

Prof. Ehud Gazit
Department of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology

Field of scientific expertise:
Biological and bio-inspired molecular self-assembly

Dr. Eyal Yahel
Physics Department

Field of scientific expertise:
Thin films, scattering

Prof. Igor Lubomirsky
Department of Materials and Interfaces

Field of scientific expertise:
Dielectrics, Electromechanics, Ion Conductors

Prof. Roy Beck Barkai
Faculty of Exact Sciences

Field of scientific expertise:
Biomolecules Supramolecular Assemblies, SAXS

Prof. Uri Raviv
Institute of Chemistry

Field of scientific expertise:
Biomolecular structure, dynamics, and interactions, scattering

Prof. Yachin Cohen
Faculty of Chemical engineering

Field of scientific expertise:
Polymers, carbon nanotubes, SAXS

Prof. Yuval Golan
Department of Materials Engineering

Field of scientific expertise:
Nanocrystalline materials, interfacial phenomena, scattering

Dr. Tsviki Hirsh
SARAF Department
Field of scientific expertise:
Neutron detection systems, precision measurements


Charlotte Slente

Ann-Christina Petersen Lange
Research and Innovation Attaché

Victoria Fuglsang-Damgaard
Head of Section Research Infrastructures

Adam Baden
Head of Section, Office for Global Cooperation on Research and Education


Niels-Bech Christensen
Senior Scientist
Department of Physics
Prof. Henning Friis Poulsen
Department of Physics
Prof. Nini Pryds
Professor &
Head of research program
Department of Energy Conversion and Storage

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schreyer
Director for Science

Prof. Mark Johnson
Associate Director - Head of Science Division
Dr Giuseppe (Joe) Zaccai
Emeritus Scientist of the CNRS at the ILL