Nov 28 – 29, 2019
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Past Editions of CARAC

CARAC 2018

On 16th October 2018 the CARAC 2018 event took place in Grenoble, where every year experts in advanced characterisation present new solutions dedicated to the industry. These solutions are designated to optimise new products and processes for research and development of innovative companies.

Among the news of this year, confidential business appointments have been very successful, including more than 20 requests. There was a greater number of visitors on the major instruments of Grenoble: European Neutron source ILL, The European Synchrotron ESRF, The Nanocharacterization Platform (PFNC) of CEA Leti, The Laboratory of Subatomic Physics & Cosmology (LPSC), and the characterisation platforms Institute Néel and the Consortium of Common Technological Means (CMTC) of the Institut polytechnique de Grenoble.

Moreover, many scientists from all characterisation platforms answered directly to visitors' questions. This is the best way to close the gap between industry and research, the present and the future. It is true that today's companies offer new challenges for tomorrow and scientists add value by supporting research and development projects. Only together is it possible to achieve the goals of tomorrow.

“Only in very recent times has a perspective inspired by science and “rationality” been brought to bear on these profound questions in the hope of providing a complementary framework for understanding their origins and providing possibly new insights and answers.”
Geoffrey West, physicist

Also this year, the European projects HORIZON 2020 sponsored the CARAC day. On this occasion, each project’s representative showed a wide range of support and funding opportunities available for business and universities in order to support their R&D project.

The slides of our conference in 2018, concerning the Characterisation platforms and EU projects can be downloaded here:

If you wish to contact our scientists, write to Rafael Varela Della Giustina via He will introduce you to the person best able to answer your questions.

CARAC 2018 was organised by the Platform for Advanced Characterisation Grenoble (PAC-G), a partnership with ESRF, ILL, LPSC and the Nanocharacterization Platform of CEA-LETI. The PAC-G offers advanced characterisation services dedicated to micro/nanoelectronics innovation, within the framework of the French project IRT Nanoelec. The characterisation laboratories of the Institute Néel and the Consortium des Moyens Technologiques Communs (CMTC) of the Grenoble INP engineering school were also implicated.

For any questions, contact Micaela Pinola -

CARAC 2017

Platform for Advanced Characterisation - Grenoble (PAC-G) organised the fourth Carac’ conference at the EPN Platform for Advanced Characterisation Grenoble (PAC-G) on November 23, 2017.

The event showcases the Grenoble ecosystem’s unrivalled characterisation resources and gives businesses a chance to meet researchers specialising in materials in virtually every field of engineering, with applications in a very wide variety of industries including microelectronics, automotive, aeronautics, traditional and renewable energy, medical implants, concrete, and more. In just one day, R&D professionals had an opportunity to see our labs and receive expert insights into their projects on the spot.

The IRT Nanoelec characterisation program partners are the Institut Laue-Langevin (Europe’s neutron beamline), the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, the CEA-Leti Nanocharacterisation Platform, the CNRS-Grenoble-Alpes University Subatomic Physics and Cosmology Laboratory, STMicroelectronics, Soitec, and Schneider Electric.

The event was organised in partnership with the Institut Néel’s characterisation labs and the Grenoble Institute of Technology Consortium of Shared Technological Resources (CMTC).

A total of 36 new visitors attended this year, including 22 professionals from industrial companies.

Visitors had an opportunity to talk with our scientists, who made themselves available for the day, and attend panel talks on polymers and biomaterials, nano and microelectronics, materials for engineering, and materials for energy.

This year, visitors got to tour various labs and bring in samples for testing during the event. This gave industrial R&D professionals a chance to observe experiments on their samples in real time, with practical demonstrations by scientists from our labs. A total of fifteen requests for feasibility tests were accepted, primarily from industrial R&D professionals in attendance.

The Platform for Advanced Characterisation Grenoble (PAC-G), an IRT Nanoelec initiative, offers advanced characterisation services dedicated to innovation in micro and nanoelectronics.