Nov 28 – 29, 2019
Europe/Paris timezone


Make your brand visible!

CARAC 2019 offers you the opportunity to promote your company and attract your target clients. Our audience includes R&D managers, engineers and characterisation experts who work in micro- and nano-electronics, energy and material engineering.  

The Industrial exhibition will take place during the first day of the event, on November 28th. Exhibitors can request a booth with a table, space for roll-ups and brochure racks as well as electrical amenities. We also welcome stand alone roll-ups and commercial posters (supports available on-site).  

  • Stand: the stands will be located in the main Hall, close to the poster sessions, lunch buffet and networking areas. You will be in the centre of discussion.
    The booth include 1 table, 2 chairs, space for 1 poster or roll-up and electricity.
  • Presence on the CARAC 2019 website: your company profile will be published on the exhibitors webpage. The company profile will include company description, logo and direct link to your company website.

Meet our CARAC2019 Exhibitors:


enwires develops unique silicon nanowired materials for battery electrodes. their proprietary manufacturing process yields precisely calibrated silicon nanowire at an extremely competitive cost and is fully compatible with large-scale production.





Park Systems has remained the leading innovator in nanoscale microscopy and metrology throughout its long history and continues to invest in the development of new emerging technologies. With headquarters in Korea, the US, Japan, and Singapore, we create some of the world’s most accurate and most effective AFMs for research and industry.




Reactiv'IP offers to public and private research centers, software solutions to automate the analysis of their images. Our job is to create specific applications to automate inspection operations and thus guarantee reproductibility of measurements. It can be counting cells, air bubbles, cracks, porosities, pollutions of any kind, grain sizing, etc... More generally, our solutions allow users to replace a manual inspection or counting operation with a completely automatic operation.


DiamFab is a new start-up company which is a spin-off of Institut Néel laboratory in Grenoble (France). Involved in several domains related to WBG semiconductors, our group has developed recognized expertise in the growth of diamond layers on a diamond substrate for more than 20 years. Our know-how enables us to control the doping and the thicknesses of material with a unique precision and quality which allows us to grow « electronic grade » diamond. DiamFab will enhance this expertise to provide bare-die device ready material from single substrate structures for university and R&D labs to regular volume for industrial companies.



The Platform for Advanced Characterisation Grenoble (PAC-G) offers access to advanced characterization services dedicated to micro/nanoelectronics innovation. Sset up within the framework of the Technological Research Institute Nanoelec (reference ANR-10-AIRT-05) it brings together the European neutron source ILL, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility ESRF, the CEA-Leti, the Subatomic Physics and Cosmology Laboratory (CNRS-UGA) as research partners and STMicroelectronics, SOITEC and Schneider as industrial partners.

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