Oct 16 – 22, 2022
Institut Laue Langevin
Europe/Paris timezone
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for the ADD2022 School and Conference

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Sunday 16 October 2022

18:00 Beginning of Reception for the School
18:00 Welcome buffet dinner (1st floor of on-site restaurant)

Monday 17 October 2022


8:00     Reception continues for the School
      Chair: Henry Fischer
8:30     Mark Johnson Welcome (school)
8:45     ADD organizers Introduction and Information
9:00 S01   Phil Salmon Plenary: Structure of Liquid and Amorphous Materials using Pair-Distribution Function Analysis
10:00     Coffee break  
      Chair: Gavin Vaughan
10:30 S02   Simon Billinge Plenary: Recent and future developments in PDF-land
11:30 S03   Reinhard Neder Plenary: Single-Crystal Diffuse scattering
12:30     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen
      Chair: Gabriel Cuello
14:00 S04   Emil Bozin PDFgui – a small box modelling platform for nanoscale structure analysis
14:30 S05   Simon Billinge DiffPy-CMI - a software toolbox for real-space structure analysis and Complex Modeling
15:00 S06   Ben Frandsen diffpy.mpdf - Framework for computing and fitting magnetic PDFs
15:30     Coffee break  
      Chair: Stefano Checchia
16:00 S07   Matt Tucker and Wojciech Slawinski RMCProfile: Local structure of crystalline to amorphous materials
16:30 S08   Tristan Youngs EPSR & Dissolve - Data-driven structural modelling of total scattering data
17:00     ADD organizers Organizational information (tutorials, etc)
17:30     Everyone Open Discussion
19:00 Dinner at ESRF/ILL canteen

Tuesday 18 October 2022


8:30     School Reception still possible during the morning, outside the amphitheatre
      Chair: Henry Fischer
9:00 S09   Joseph Paddison Spinvert: Magnetic structure refinement for paramagnets
9:30 S10   Reinhard Neder DISCUS: Simulation and refinement of disordered crystal structures
10:00 S11   Arkadiy Simonov 3D-ΔPDF: Pair distribution function analysis for single crystals
10:30     Coffee break  
      Chair: Stefano Checchia
11:00 S12   Gavin Vaughan XRD experimental procedure and data reduction
11:25 S13   Gabriel Cuello ND experimental procedure and data reduction
11:50 S14   Reinhard Neder SCD experimental procedure and data reduction
12:15 S15   Dubravka Sisak-Jung Hybrid photon counting X-ray detectors: from basic functionality to advanced operation
12:30     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen
14:00     Parallel hands-on tutorials
16:00     Coffee break
16:30     Parallel hands-on tutorials
19:00 Dinner at ESRF/ILL canteen

Wednesday 19 October 2022

(School in the morning, Conference in the afternoon)

8:30     Parallel hands-on tutorials
10:30     Coffee break and beginning of Reception for the Conference
11:00     Parallel hands-on tutorials
12:30     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen
14:00     Group photo  
      Chair: Gavin Vaughan
14:15     Gema Martínez-Criado Welcome (conference)
14:30     ADD organizers Introduction and Information
14:45 I01   Andrew Goodwin PDF methods in materials chemistry
15:30     Coffee break and continuing Reception for the Conference
      Chair: Gabriel Cuello
16:00 I02   Max Terban Local and extended structuring in not-so-crystalline molecular solids
16:45 O01   Bryce Mullens From Total Scattering to Total Understanding: Structure-Functionality Relationships in Scheelite-Type Oxides
17:10 O02   Joohee Bang Probing hidden order in ferroelectric oxide thin films with single crystal diffuse X-ray scattering
17:35 O03   Nikolaj Roth Emergent Electronic and Phonon Modes from Correlated Disorder
18:00 Poster session (foyer ILL4 in front of Chadwick)
19:30 Wine and Cheese buffet (ILL19/20 building liaison)

Thursday 20 October 2022


      Chair: Stefano Checchia
8:30 I03   David Keen 
(remote talk)
A pedagogical journey in search of hydrogen disorder with RMCProfile analysis of X+n data from hydrogrossular
9:15 O04   Igor Gussev Exploring fundamental aspects of the structural organization in weberite-type tantalate oxides using neutron total scattering technique
9:40 O05   Wilke Dononelli Solving atomic structures by combining analysis of PDF pattern with DFT calculations in machine learning enhanced global optimization
10:05 O06   Tobias Bird
Symmetry-Adapted Pair Distribution Function Analysis
10:30     Coffee break
      Chair: Gavin Vaughan
10:55 I04   Alejandro Fernández Martínez A nanoscale view of natural and engineered cements
11:40 O07   Esther Giron Lange Structural Role of Titanium in Glass and Glass Ceramic Materials
12:05 O08   Erica Alfinelli Probing the structural and dynamical properties across the metamictization process in v-SiO2
12:30     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen
      Chair: Gabriel Cuello
13:55 I05   Ella Schmidt 3D-ΔPDF from electron diffraction data
14:40 O09   Romy Poppe Quantitative analysis of diffuse electron scattering in the lithium-ion battery cathode material Li1.2Ni0.13Mn0.54Co0.13O2
15:05 O10   Petr Ondrejkovic Diffuse scattering from phase-field-simulated ferroelectric textures
15:30     Coffee break
      Chair: Henry Fischer
16:00 I06   Ellen Fogh Randomness and frustration in a S=1/2 square lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet
16:45 O11   Jennifer Graham Understanding synthesis-driven structure-property relationships in quantum materials
17:10 O12   Nicola Dengo Planar Defects and morphology of CdSe QDs by SAXS/WAXS Total Scattering: Wurtzite versus Zincblende structure
17:35     Poster session (foyer ILL4)
18:45     Tram to restaurant
19:30 Conference dinner, Restaurant "Château de la Baume"

Friday 21 October 2022


      Chair: Gavin Vaughan
8:55 I07   Mirijam Zobel Recent advancements in laboratory PDF data quality – and why we still need synchrotrons
9:40 O13   Haritha Cheraparambil In situ diffraction and PDF studies on the structure and crystallization of perovskite based catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
10:05 O14   Kieran Orr Imaging Buried Dislocations in Halide Perovskites with 3D Strain Mapping
10:30     Coffee break
      Chair: Henry Fischer
11:00 I08   Tomas Northam de la Fuente Structural and magnetic disorder in defect spin ice Ho2Ti1.5Sc0.5O6.75
11:45 O15   Andrew Wildes The short-ranged order in the van der Waals spin glass Mn0.5Fe0.5PS3
12:10 O16   Yevheniia Kholina Tuning local structure in Prussian blue analogues
12:35     Lunch at ESRF/ILL canteen
      Chair: Stefano Checchia
14:00 O17   Max Burian DECTRIS EIGER2 Upgrade: New Features for Advanced X-Ray Diffraction Experiments
14:25     Final discussion and closing
15:00     Visit of ESRF and ILL instruments (if permitted by safety authorities)



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